• Guest fees are $5.00 per guest who is between 2 and 60 years old; other guests are free.
    • Guest fees are paid by using a CSCSC Guest Card.
    • Guest cards are purchased for $35.00, which must be paid by check to CSCSC.
    • No cash will be accepted for guest cards and no daily pay is permitted.
    • Guest cards will be issued only in the name of a member or lessee.
    • Guests must be sponsored by members or lessees 12 years and over, but grandparents may be sponsored by members/lessees of any age.
    • Sponsors must be present at the Club with their guests.
    • Guests must be signed in when they enter the Club and signed out when they leave the Club.
    • Prepaid Guest Passes may not be used to pay for attendance at scheduled parties or CSCSC sponsored parties at the pool.