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There are only 175 family memberships in the Cape St. Claire Swim Club (CSCSC). Each year, a few members sell their memberships and other members who don’t plan to use the pool in the upcoming summer lease their memberships. The Club also offers a number of leases.

If you . . .
  • ...want to buy or lease a membership, read “How to Buy/Lease a Membership.”

    Note: In recent years, the demand for these leases has been high. Club-assigned leases are usually completed by early April. If you are interested in leasing a membership, please join the Yahoo group for the Cape Pool (see information below) and look for the Membership Committee’s message when the leasing process has begun. When you receive the Committee’s email, promptly submit the required information.

  • ...are you a member and want to sell your membership, read “How to Sell Your Membership” and fill out the Member Sale/New Membership form. The link to the sale form is http://www.capepool.com/pdf/SaleForm2017.pdf.

  • ...are you a member and want to lease out your membership, read “How to Lease Out Your Membership” and complete the Lease Application form. The link to the lease application form is http://www.capepool.com/pdf/LeaseForm2017.pdf.
All membership transfers are subject to approval by the CSCSC Board, which meets monthly.

What is the Yahoo Group and how do I join?

We encourage anyone interested in buying, selling, or leasing a membership to join the Cape St. Claire Swim Club’s Yahoo group. This e-mail group helps connect families interested in buying or leasing a membership with families who are interested in selling or leasing their membership. As a member of the Yahoo group, you can post an offer to sell a membership, ask if a member wants to lease a membership, etc. To join, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/capepoolmemberships/.

What’s the difference between a membership and a lease?

CSCSC is a private club, and lessees do not have voting rights with the pool. Leases are not guaranteed availability every swim season, and the annual cost of a lease is greater than the annual membership dues. Memberships can be re-sold upon leaving the Club for market value, but leases are one-time only.

I have more questions. Whom do I contact?

If you have reviewed the information and documents and you have more questions about membership, please contact the Membership Chair, Christine Jozwick, at membership@capepool.com.